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At Whole Body Balance we strive to not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. Here are comments from clients:

  • "I had a great experience at Whole Body Balance. They helped me with a long standing pain issue in my lower back that I have had no luck with in the past. I was very impressed by their team and worked with two people there on my issue. I have been feeling much better since. I will be returning for sure. Thank you."
    Scott C.
  • "When i first met with the Rolfer, i was worried because apparently it's a new guy, and i had signed up based on reviews because i am dealing with trying to heal from some serious injuries. However, i feel SO much better after our session! He really listened to me and asked questions for clarity and checked in along the way to make sure i was receiving the care i felt i needed. Truly, helped me so much!"
    Julia H.
  • "Don't be dissuaded by all the temporary construction surrounding this place (for some reason one of the city's major intersections has been torn to shreds for construction for at least a year). I was recently referred to Whole Body Balance for some chiropractic work, and I've felt great ever since.

    Most recently I was there on Monday for a pre-Bolder Boulder tuneup, and I left floating on a cloud. Eventually the construction will disappear, and all that will be left is this wonderful health and wellness center."
    Vince D.
  • "I have a fear of needles and Anne made me feel so comfortable. I have acupuncture before and I must say Anne is very gentle and I have experienced little to no pain. She has a lot of knowledge and is very pleasant to work with. She is truly outstanding practitioner and I would recommend her to everyone who is is need."
    Petra S.
  • "I originally came to see Anne for fertility treatments (now due in August!) and came back to see her for a shoulder problem. Her knowledge, attitude, and level of care is unbeatable. I am constantly recommending her for alternative care."
    Amy H.
  • "Once again Anne's experience and expertise was helpful. I can feel the effects of the treatments. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next appointment and the continued good health."
    Kitty D.
  • "Anna took the time to understand my issues and treated them with acupuncture and massage and advice, she is a pro and talked me thru everything she was doing. I recommend her and look forward to more healing."
    Dean F.
  • "Anne gave a great treatment. She is very calm and caring and seems to really know her stuff! I have gotten acupuncture a lot at different places and this was the best! Will definitely be going here from now on."
    Raquel A.
  • "My visit to Anna was fantastic. She has a great manner. Since it was my first visit I am not certain of the results yet but I will write another review in a week or so."
    Ron C.
  • "1 review
    7 months ago-
    All around this establishment provides top notch service. I highly recommend Whole Body Balance to everyone from professionals to athletes. The majority of their staff members are accomplished athletes who understand training injuries, the healing of them, and the need to avoid them. Naturally, they're super capable, competent, knowledgeable, friendly, and locally owned!"
    John McMahon
  • "14 reviews
    5 months ago-
    Incredible experience. I've had chiropractic care my entire life. The team at WBB is definitely world class. They take the time to truly assess and treat."
    Trina b
  • "7 reviews
    6 months ago-
    Fully staffed with 3 chiropractors and several massage therapists. All excellent. Very healing environment and very professional."
    Frances Wood-Parker
  • "1 review
    7 months ago-
    Dr. Kevin Meyer has been helping me with heel pain, general foot pain, and knee pain for so many years. He is so knowledgeable and is the first person I go to when I have any joint pain. I've been to other chiropractors who have often made matters worse. Kevin uses cold laser therapy and has always been gentle in whatever he does."
    Anne Tomasko
  • "Local Guide · 12 reviews · 11 photos
    a year ago-
    MIRACLE WORKERS!! Pure professional, caring, and compassionate team. These guys truly care about the well being of their patients and always explain what they're doing.

    Whole Body Balance strives to improve your treatment and every time I leave the office I feel GREAT and so relaxed, these guys are the real deal!

    My opinion, I think everyone needs this type of care to maintain optimal health, even if you don't have acute symptoms.

    Huge gratitude & shout out to Dr. Meyer & Amy Dickinson along with the whole staff, very welcoming and always greeted with friendly smiles :) Thank you all for your patience and continuous support with my recovery!"
    Eric Beach
  • "6 reviews
    4 years ago-
    If you are looking for a top notch clinic that knows how to work on athletes, this clinic is for you! The massage therapists are heads and shoulders above any I've ever experienced...they know their stuff! The chiropractor is trained in treating athletes and the acupuncturist is also outstanding! You can't go wrong with Whole Body Balance!"
  • "Local Guide · 12 reviews · 1 photo
    5 years ago-
    I've been treated by Dr. Meyer several times over the past few years, and I must say that he is the real deal. I always feel great when I leave the office and he has a very gentle and effective approach. I've used other chiropractors who use too much force and others not enough, but Dr. Kevin has it down right. Besides that, he is a genuinely good guy and I always look forward to seeing him. I'm going to be in Boulder for a ski trip next month and won't hit the slopes until I see him."
    Bryan Emerson
  • "1 review
    6 years ago-
    I'm very glad I got in to see Dr. Kevin Meyer at Whole Body Balance for a chiropractic adjustment today. I was unable to sit or lay down without experiencing pain and I left his office pain free! I've seen a lot of chiropractors before and Kevin is definitely one of the more talented ones to work on me."
    Catherine NewCell
  • "3 reviews · 2 photos
    2 years ago-
    I was really nervous going to a chiropractor. But being in pain I had I other choice. Dr. Myer was able to work with me being a student and single mom. I went in and he was really welcoming. I got less nervous. He was entirely professional and walked me through everything. He didn't just crack my back. But worked up to that first by releasing trigger points. My first day I'm already in no pain. I couldn't be more thankful. This is the guy I'm going to from now on. Thank you."
    Lauren Burdick
  • "3 reviews
    4 years ago-
    Whole Body Balance helps me to continue to do the things I love to do with a considerably less amount of pain. I have a broken bone in my back and the work that Dr. Kevin completes helps me to go on doing the fun and active adventures that I love about living in Colorado. His cold laser has brought back range of movement and feelings that I did not even know I had lost. I also went to him after getting in a car accident and he was able to work out my pain and whiplash symptoms. I have been a client for over a year now and I enjoy his new location."
    Stevo Chancey
  • "2 reviews
    2 years ago-
    Started seeing Dr Kevin for a groin/hamstring running injury. Turns out my hips were rotated severely, and likely contributed to my injury. Besides dealing with my injury, his adjustments have helped correct my hip rotation. And he's given me rehab exercises I can do on my own, to keep things lined up as they should be. Highly recommend."
    Joel Dalley
  • "1 review
    5 years ago-
    Dr. Meyer is a true professional- with a lot of knowledge and experience with several types of treatments and methods- I always walk out feeling like a million bucks. I live out of state now, but when I'm coming anywhere close the the Boulder area I definitely make a point of stopping by like I have for over two years now."
    Mitchell Elmblad
  • "1 review
    2 years ago-
    Dr meyer is very professional and knowledgeable in what he does. His chiropractic treatments have help me get back to my favorite activities. Thank you Dr. Meyer"
    Osvaldo Gratacos
  • "3 reviews
    3 years ago-
    Dr. Kevin has made a huge impact on my overall wellness. He has been extremely helpful at increasing mobility, reducing inflammation of tissue and reducing pain. I encourage you to visit him!"
    Matt Stewart
  • "Local Guide · 53 reviews · 1 photo
    a year ago-
    Tamara is so great!"
    Alexandria Lenon
  • "1 review
    4 years ago-
    I've been getting massage and acupuncture there for over a year. The people are super friendly and they give the best massages I've ever gotten!"
    Barbara Cardinali MacFerrin


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