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We charge a $30 flat rate fee for any service that is cancelled same day.

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Whole Body Balance was founded in 2004 and started as an office that provided rolfing and cold laser therapy for pain and smoking cessation. Over the years it evolved by adding other alternative health care services such as chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. Whole Body Balance thrives and prides itself on excellent customer service and health care.

Over the past five years, Whole Body Balance has ranked 2nd(2015), 2nd(2016), 3rd(2017) and 1st(2018 and 2019) in the Best of Boulder Weekly for best Alternative Health Care. For chiropractic services over the past five years, Whole Body Balance has ranked 5th(2014), 2nd(2015), 2nd(2016), 4th(2017) and 3rd(2018) in the Best of Boulder Weekly for best Chiropractic office. Also, for the fist time, Whole Body Balance got 4th place(2018) for acupuncture in Best of Boulder Weekly. As a collaborative team, we expect our patients/clients to get better as well as have an understanding of what condition they have. We also use an integrative approach to help the patient get better faster.

Thirdly, our office is not a fast paced, in and out office. Typical chiropractic appointments are 30 minutes. We understand not every treatment is just a manipulation of the spine. A thorough check of the spine, musculature and extremities can't be done in simply 3-5 ;minutes. Soft tissue mobilization, extremity manipulations, cold laser therapy and spinal manipulation need more time and this is what is expected at Whole Body Balance. Our team of massage therapists ensure that each sessions is unique and individualized. We are not a high volume massage clinic, so this gives clients the confidence they know they will typically see the same therapist each time.

Finally, Whole Body Balance is an in-network clinic for most major insurance plans which includes Aetna, Cigna, United HealthCare, Humana and Rocky Mountain Health Plan. This is because of Whole Body Balance being included with the Colorado Integrated Care Network. If you have questions about your insurance plan, please feel free to contact Whole Body Balance at 303-444-0192.

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Our story.

Whole Body Balance is your complete wellness center. Located in Boulder since 2004, Whole Body Balance is a family owned integrated health care center that is consistently ranked at the top for chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy in Boulder County. Whole Body Balance recently was accepted into the Colorado Integrated Care Network. To learn more click here. We now accept most major health insurance plans as an in-network clinic. 

Our mission.

Whole Body Balance's mission is to combine a collaborative emphasis on integrative and high quality care to help bring our patients the highest quality of natural health care available to Boulder County. We strive to ensure every patient is treated with the highest quality customer service and care at Whole Body Balance.

Our practitioners.

Our team consists of two chiropractors, four massage therapists, a rehabilitation specialist and one rolfer. Click here to learn more about each individual provider to see which provider may be the best fit for you. Call us today!

Dr. Kevin Meyer
Boulder Chiropractor | Whole Body Balance | (303)-444-0192

2995 Baseline Rd #110
Boulder, CO 80303

Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Kevin Meyer
    Clinic Director

    Dr. Kevin Meyer, DC, specializes in a myriad of conditions, including back and neck pain, postural correction, athletic injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and extremity injuries. He is a passionate educator and ensures that his patients understand their injuries and their treatment before leaving the office.

  • Dr.
    Tim Moller

    During Dr. Moller's D1 college football career a personal injury occurred and after being given the option to try conservative chiropractic and rehabilitation, or have surgery, he chose to seek chiropractic treatment which helped stabilize his condition.

  • Tamara Elzey

    Tamara believes in integrating several different techniques such as various depths, pressure, trigger points and continuous movement so that as the client, you receive the best possible treatment. She highly values feedback from you, while on the table. Often using the phrase, “I can read your body but not your mind, so speak up if something doesn’t feel right.” She also believes in working as much of the body as possible since one muscle fiber is so intricately connected to every other muscle.

  • Meghan Brummond

    Meghan has over ten years of experience in both chiropractic and high-end spa settings. She specializes in therapeutic techniques and a wide range of modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, MyoFascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy. She is well versed in Prenatal massage and enjoys incorporating Sports and Reflexology into her sessions. Meghan continues her education, currently attending SNHU’s online program and hopes to become a certified Pilates instructor in the near future.

  • Ryu Koyama
    Certified Rolfer

    Ryu Koyama is a Rolfer™ certified by the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. He uses a deep, listening presence cultivated from his own awareness practices to help people heal pain and discomfort that may have been present for years. Ryu is also a personal development facilitator certified by the organization Authentic World. He facilitates regularly at the Integral Center in Boulder, and is on staff for many of their training's and workshops.


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*office hours do not reflect availability of each individual service or provider. Acupuncture is available 5 days a week, Chiropractic is available 6 days a week, and Massage Therapy is available 7 days a week.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "All around this establishment provides top notch service. I highly recommend Whole Body Balance to everyone from professionals to athletes. The majority of their staff members are accomplished athletes who understand training injuries, the healing of these injuries, and the need to avoid them. Naturally, they're super capable, competent, knowledgeable, friendly, and this business is locally owned!"
    John Thomas M.
  • "Great staff! Very kind people and they are great at what they do. It was a great experience and we will definitely go back again!"
    WilliamandMandy D.
  • "I have been coming to see Amy for acupuncture for the past 2 years. She is an excellent practitioner of Chinese Medicine and a really good soul."
    Shirley W.

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